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Maremma: from the seaside to the refreshing river waters, from the vineyards to the natural reserves up to the pure, white snow of the Amiata mountains you will fall in love like us with this amazing part of Tuscany. What we have been blessed to have all around us and how happy and healthy it makes us feel is, by the way, a value that should be preserved and made better each single day: if this is what you would like to see when in Maremma or if environment is what you care about... well, this is just for you.

Visiting Argentario, a quick guide

Written by Federico Stango.

Argentario is a gem in the already beautiful Maremma countryside. This is also well known by the many celebrities that enjoy, since many years now, living here or staying for the holidays. In this brief guide we are going to suggest you a few points of interest that are really worth visiting along with beaches and bike trails on the coast. Even more, you will surely enjoy our hints on what to eat, where to stay and what to do in your nights out in Maremma.

Isola del Giglio

Written by Federico Stango.

Knowing not Isola del Giglio should be considered a capital sin: 21 square kilometers of natural wonders of pristine purity; emerald waters where to dive in, amazing sunsets and unique flavors to leave you speechless. This is the place where to live your perfect holiday without going halfway around the world.


Written by Federico Stango.

Tourists and Orbetello inhabitants are lucky to be there to observe a sunset over the lagoon during the warm summer evenings. I have been living there for a long while but it is still a tough job to choose the right words to describe how fabulous are the few clouds in the otherwise clear sky being reflected by the placid lagoon waters.


Written by Daniela Cetola.

The scene is astonishing: Pitigliano looks like a place coming straight from the earth, all made by tuff, raising from immense brown boulders surrounded on three sides by deep ravines. Make sure you won't miss a visit to this amazing etruscan town.

Bosco Rocconi Reserve

Written by Daniela Cetola.

Located near the town of Roccalbegna, on the southern side of Mount Amiata, it covers about 130 hectares and consists of large areas of forest and forest edges, and is crossed by two rivers converging and wedging in a narrow "canyon" ...

Burano Reserve

Written by Daniela Cetola.

Located in the town of Capalbio, The Burano Oasis was the first of italian WWF oasis and became a State natural reserve. 410 hectares wide it consists of a large brackish lake, about a meter deep, separated from the sea by a coastal dune of about 11 km and surrounded by flooded fields. It has 14 observation points...

Orbetello Lagoon Reserve

Written by Daniela Cetola.

Located around the municipality of Orbetello, it covers about 800 acres, between the Argentario peninsula and the coast. Argentario is connected by two strips of land (called "tomboli"): Giannella (north) and Feniglia (south), and by an artificial dam to a narrow peninsula where the town of Orbetello lies.


Written by Daniela Cetola.

Passing through the Porta della Rocca you are immediately immersed in a surreal atmosphere: the houses unfold through "the three ways" (the "Middle Way", the "Way Down" and "Way Above") and you get to a silence that is both pain and joy, nature and art together, an antithesis that becomes a happy marriage, as it was in antiquity, that between politics and religion.

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