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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We did our best to build this website in a usable and accessible way. Nonetheless, a quick hint to solve the most common troubles it might come handy. Please find here the most common questions that other users asked us and feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any other form of help you might need about the website usage or for a better explanation of what is already stated here.

Here are the current FAQ:

How to submit a company to the Directory

Question: I registered as a new user on Butterodargento.it but I have no understanding on how to submit my company to the Directory. Can you guide me?

Answer: to submit your company, along with its website if available, just go to the "my profile" menu item and from the list that will show just select the option "suggest a company". Here you will be presented a form with all the available fields together with the ability to select which category (or categories) the company should be listed into. Once done just save and as soon as a moderator will have the submission approved you will see the new listing published.

Where to submit my company

Question: my company belongs to several directory categories but one of those does not exists yet. Where should I list it?

Answer: start by submitting your company on all the needed existing categories. As the directory engine is able to present it on all of them with just one record, you don't need to enter your data several times. If you happen to find some missing categories feel free to contact us and simply explain the reasons why a new category should be created and where it should be linked. In case of approval we will create it and submit your company to the new category for you.

Claim an already listed company

Question: my website is already listed on the directory but I am not the item owner. Who did it happen and how can I be in charge of my own listing?

Answer: anyone can submit a company to our website. Most of the times we do it ourselves as a service for both our users and the company owners (I know... we should get paid good money for it). It happens, from time to time, that the real company owners discover they have been listed on Butterodargento.it and would like to modify they're data and pictures. To claim the listing you just need to complete one or two easy tasks. First of all get registered or have yourself logged in, then just go to your listing and click "claim" from the listing options. As soon as a moderator will notice the request (usually a few hours) the listing will be reassigned.

How to create and publish a story

Question: I have several ideas on some stories to write but I have no clue on how to submit them and have them published.

Answer: there are a few ways to send us your stories and for sure we will always do our best to simplify the process. The most common (and IMHO abused) is to send a .doc attached to an email. It is much easier and faster to login and use the online editor to write the stories you want. Just register and get to the "my profile" menu and then select "create an article" to get started. Keep in mind that once the story is written you won't be able to publish it but a moderator will read and approve your text before it will be visible for the masses.

How to send a new recipe

Question: I know a few local recipes and I would like to share them with the other users. How can I?

Answer: recipes are a bit different from stories and company listings, still they share an easy form to guide you through the whole process. Just register and get to the "my profile" menu and select the link "submit a recipe". The submit page will have several fields, some repeatable. Just fill them as needed and click "submit item" to have a moderator alerted of the new content to verify. Make sure he's hungry enough and send a slice to have the recipe approved faster! :)

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