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Chefs school

If you wish to learn something new to have your guests happy for dinner you came to the right place. Learn to cook from real people that love great food. Discover tips and tricks to get the best out of each ingredient and tools you might have in your kitchen.

Fiorentina steak

Written by Federico Stango.

Buying a nice piece of meat like this is the first step towards the pleasure of tasting high quality meat. The first step, in fact: to properly prepare the meat, and especially the Fiorentina, is an art and as such requires some care and a little desire to practice.

How to preserve and retain food

Written by Ristorante Vecchia Maremma.

This column is our starting point for a pleasant trip throughout the pleasures of our food. Here you will be guided by the restaurateur of the Vecchia Maremma Resort, Cristiano Ciampana, who's mastery is highly appreciated since many years. Today we start with some easy tricks to preserve your food and your food ingredients better and for a longer time.

How to preserve your wines

Written by Ristorante Vecchia Maremma.

Any wine enthusiast sooner or later ends up dreaming of its own wine cellar, even though, unfortunately not everyone can afford one. By the way, there are some easy, yet barely known rules, with which you can preserve your bottles longer and enjoy better your wine... and it all can be done right in your house!

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