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Lores & flavours

Wisdom, knowledge, humor and rites from Maremma have been brought to our days from father to son, from mother to daughter. Now you can learn them all straight from your desktop. Check out these pages to read all the ones we learned so far.

The maremmana cow

Written by Federico Stango.

Wild, strong, adaptable: the first notable features of this breed can easily be translated even to the men who lived in the region of this very special animal. Let's uncover together this amazingly beautiful cattle who is gaining once again so much interest for the organic livestock industry.

How we brand animals with the "Merca" ceremony

Written by Federico Stango.

Some hidden corners of Maremma, where cattles still live in the wild, reveal fragments of a world that was still current until post-conflict transformations. Let's uncover together one of the most famous tuscan traditions.

Sea cicadas

Written by Federico Stango.

Easy to be found on almost every season, the succulent meat of the "sea cicadas" (as they call them), is both an excellent addition to any fish soup or spaghetti or a super tasty dish to cook. Just watchout for the spikes.

Carnevaletto da tre soldi

Written by Federico Stango.

Carnival masks and floats are back in Orbetello for all to see. Finally a fifty yeas old tradition has been brought back to the center of the city to give a leisurable time for kids and adults. Let's uncover together the origins of this event that slowly became such an important rite in Maremma.

Where's that good coffee hiding?

Written by Ristorante Vecchia Maremma.

The so called "tazzulella" is increasingly despised. The offer of a good espresso is not the focus of many bartenders anymore. Thus increases the number of mediocre products, often accompanied by an equally poor service.

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