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Who's behind this website

Ok, it is time to put the masks down. Let me simply tell you who's behind Butterodargento.it, why someone put so much effort on this project and what the future might bring to it.

Back to the nineties

I am Federico Stango, born in 1977, tech geek, rock music, genuine food addicted. It was 1994 when I had the main idea. BBSes were the main access to what we now call internet (modems... they still bring me nightmares!) and I used to call one (AmigaLink from Grosseto) with unfair phone company rates. Maremma plus being online wow, that is how I would like to spend some of my spare time. Nothing done: I was way too young to seriously start something like that.

I tipici barchini da pesca della laguna di OrbetelloSome years passed by. School was finally over and the University courses were way less time consuming. Nonetheless Internet finally flowed through modems at better rates and I decided to finally start something up. It was 1999 when I wrote the first articles and created the first hand-made static html pages for the website. I while later the domain registration was done and Butterodargento.it was online.

Since that day many things happened. Before completing the University I moved in another part of Italy working for a big Telco and IPTV provider in Italy and the project had many highs and lows. Handmade vs dynamic, money maker vs free... I believe you understand how many things can change over time.

High hopes

What Butterodargento.it will be in the future is pretty much unknown. Love for the places where I grew up and still have friends and parents is something that will never change and will make sure that the website will keep getting better. Its growing pace will depend on time I can spend on it and the will others have, both users and writers, to help making it a better cyber-place where to be.

Roots are strong, technology helps to keep it flexible and open to changes like never before, passion blows on our sails. With some help from all of you I am sure it will stay up and running at its best for a long time to come.

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